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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Archive: Royksopp at Carling Accademy, Bristol

From the Splinter Magazine Archive: Live Review - Royksopp at Carling Accademy, Bristol (October 10, 2005)
After a summer of gigs dominated by guitars, Royksopp were like a jolt to the system. Instead of guitars, basses and real drums, the only non electronic instrument (voices excepted) was a solitary cymbal. Everything else was wired up like an electric chair. Filling the Carling Academy with wave after wave of pulsating squelchy synths, vocoder vocals and electronic drums fit to summon a cavalry.

Song titles flashed up on a narrow neon banner. Favourites like "Eple" and "Poor Leno"; the wonderfully melting vocals of "Sparks" sounding a hundred times more energetic than when isolated on CD.

Royksopp release their new album, Senior on September , 2010 (Wall of Sound / EMI), CD, Vinyl and Digital formats.

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