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Thursday, October 28, 2010

CD Review: Pigeon John, Dragon Slayer

CD Review: Pigeon John, Dragon Slayer (Quannum Projects)
With a title like Dragon Slayer, you may be expecting one of two extremes. If your point of reference is stories of knights in shining armor, that would be swashbuckling songs of a hero vanquishing fire-breathing mythical monsters; if you turn to the Urban Dictionary, you’re more likely to expect an album packed with misogynistic stereotypical (c)rap.

Either way you might be a little taken aback. Dragon Slayer, Pigeon John’s latest album in a 10-year career, is decidedly from the easy listening side of the hip-hop tracks. Instead of brazen in-your-face fast-flowing rhetoric, there are warm and fuzzy words, and a lot of unthreatening indie-spirited music.

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Pigeon John is on tour with DJ Shawon in November, playing the Loft @ Center Stage, Atlanta, on November 9

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